Oneida Lake

Oneida Lake is located northeast of Syracuse near the  Great Lakes. The bass fishing is great, so much so that the lake is part of the Pro Bass tour. There are also walleyes, northern pike, bullhead and perch. You might catch a sturgeon, but you’ll  have to release it—the lake participates in the sturgeon repopulation project. While you’re out fishing, look for the countless number of recently spawned perch and white bass following your boat, like a bunch of sparkling diamonds lighting up the water.

Because the lake is relatively shallow, it’s warm in the summer and freezes solid in the winter for a popular ice fishing and snowmobiling destination.

If you like to deep sea dive (in this case, “deep lake dive”), there are sunken tug boats, barges, and at least one sailboat on the bottom of the lake to explore.

Cabin Rentals

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