Lake Thunderbird

With 6,070 acres of water, Lake Thunderbird hosts several annual bass tournaments and usually at least one trophy-sized fish is reeled in. Most people come for the power boating and waterskiing, but many others are more interested in slower-paced watercraft, including houseboats, pontoons, canoes and kayaks.

There are trails for hiking and horseback riding, but the premier trail is the11 miles of challenging terrain for mountain bikes. The area is teeming with wildlife, such as ducks, rabbits, deer, turkey, geese, song birds, squirrels and quail. Hunting (with bow and arrow only) is allowed in designated areas. There is an area dedicated to disabled hunters, a greatly appreciated opportunity for these sportsmen and women.

You might get to see the Lake Monster. No one is really sure there is a monster, but then no one is really sure there isn’t. Rumor has it that a fresh water octopus has taken up residence in the lake. If you can catch a glimpse and record it, you surely have a video that will go viral!

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