Lake Keowee

Lake Keowee is a pristine, 18,500-acre lake in upstate South Carolina with awe-inspiring views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The Keowee-Toxaway State Park is at the north end of the lake. There are a number of trails throughout the park, or you might want to explore the islands that are open to the public.

The lake is over 26 miles long and 4 miles at its widest points—plenty of room for whatever kind of boating you want to do. There are 300 miles of coastline with scenic coves that kayakers enjoy. The sometimes glass-like water in the coves is also very popular with waterskiers.

Have you ever  seen a floating bathroom? You will here—more than $100,000 spent to protect the shore and the pure, clear water from the diapers and toilet paper and what-not that people throw into the lake.

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Keowee-Toxaway State Park

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