Lake George

Lake George, the “Queen of American Lakes,” sits at the base of the majestic Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York. Bring your boat or hire a charter to fish on the 288,000 acres of shimmering clear water. The lake is so deep that there is “two-story” fishing. In the cold water, 50 to 80 feet deep, you’ll find Atlantic salmon and prize-winning lake trout. Smallmouth and largemouth bass and pike like the warm, shallow bays and the weedbeds around the islands. And there are a lot of islands—more than 170!

If you’re feeling lucky, go to Tea Island at the southern end of the lake to hunt for treasure. Legend has it that, during the French and Indian War, a British General buried the troop’s money there for safekeeping, then went off to fight the French. The British troops who weren’t killed, fled. No one went back to the island for the money.

If nostalgia is your thing, the last Howard Johnson’s restaurant standing is in the town of Lake George.

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